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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

31 years ago, when Mel and Kim topped the charts and my brothers and I were powered by Skittles ("taste the rainbow"), this is one way we'd spend a warm autumnal Saturday afternoon. Each apple was carefully wiped, wrapped in newspaper and put into the store. Any that we're bruised were made into apple pie with cinnamon, sprinkled with sugar and drowned in cream.

This introduction to grow-your-own is what got me started down the self-sufficiency route. On my allotment I grow apple varieties Discovery, James Grieves and Charles Ross - and it's the season to be picking.

If you don't have your own apple tree then there are apple festivals happening throughout the UK this month or perhaps ask a friendly neighbour and if all else fails go to a farmer's market and try some new varieties.

You'll need:


Dress making scissors

Tape measure



No-sew iron on hemming strips

Here's how to do it:

1. Cut off the arms of the t-shirt leaving the seam intact

2. Enlarge the neck hole by drawing a half circle using a plate and then cut out the shape (make sure you leave at least 6-7cm between the arm hole and the new neckline)

3. Turn the t-shirt inside out

4. Cut 2 pieces of the iron-on hemming strips to the width of the t-shirt.

5. Place the first strip inside the t-shirt approximately 3cm from the bottom opening and iron. Put the second strip inside the t-shirt, just below the first, and iron that as well. (Check manufacturers instructions for iron heat settings). The two strips will give your bag extra strength.

6. Turn your bag the right way round and you're ready to go apple picking.


This bag can also be sewn, if you prefer. In step 4 sew 2 rows approximately 2cms and then 3cms from the bottom hemline.

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