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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I've been wanting to start a Print Club for absolutely ages without really knowing what form it should take or where I could hold it each month. I wanted to open it up to as many people as possible, but I can only really fit a maximum of 6 people in my studio. Then there was the question of cost. It feels so nice to have built a community over the last 12 months and welcomed loyal customers to virtual workshops that I wanted to offer something back as a thank you, but if I'm having to hire somewhere, buy equipment and materials then unfortunately I'd have to pass that on in someway.

Lockdown has meant I've had a bit more head-space to think about these things and, in some ways, many of the solutions have pretty much landed in my lap.


We're all now so used to attending events online that with Zoom I can get 100's of print fans in a room and reach out to people across the globe. FYI I should try and be more cool about this fact but when I'm sitting in my home studio and someone across the other side of the world has woken up at 4am to Zoom in and print with me then I find it really, really hard.


At a guess I would say that 99.9% of craft activities require equipment. Throughout Lockdown we've all had to improvise a bit so using everyday items in unusual ways and craft equipment for things other than their original purpose isn't a strange concept - Hey! I've been commissioned to record videos, run live events and based entire workshops around this very idea!

So, and this was my thought pattern; if people can provide their own equipment and I can have them all together in a virtual room then my costs are minimal, so I can offer it to everyone, for free!

*Drum Roll* PRINT CLUB was born.


A choice of two complimentary online classes every month - Hot Drinks & Inks or Print & Prosecco.

30% off selected online and studio workshops

Exclusive invitations to exhibition previews and studio events (when it’s allowed again!)

Advance notice of live broadcasts

Monthly What’s On...newsletter

You had me at Prosecco


It's completely free to join PRINT CLUB! All you need to do is sign up with your email address so I can start sending you booking codes, discount vouchers and monthly What's On...emails.

To sign up visit:

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