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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

“Saw you on TV today!” goes the message that landed in my DMs this morning. That can only mean one thing, BBC iPlayer are repeating Homes Under The Hammer.

It’s my 15 minutes of fame from 2019 when Nucleus Arts moved into The

Halpern Conservancy Board Building and let me and my buddy, Julia Scanlon, take

on Studio 7.

I was very reluctant to be interviewed for the telly - put me in front of a group of people for a workshop and I’m fine, bit nervous of course, but fine. Put a camera in my face and it all goes to pot – but my mum pretty much threated to disown me if I didn’t do it and as we all know Mums know best!

That was over two and half years ago now and we’re still here, painting and

printing. It’s nice to look back and see, despite everything the last few years has thrown

at us, how far our creative businesses have come.

To watch the episode and see the transformation of the building click the button below. It’s the first property to be featured then the revisit is at 25 minutes in, available until 15 August. Enjoy the look of panic on my face as I run out of things to say after five words and Julia elegantly

sweeps in and saves the interview!

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