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Blue jellyfish spotted in Brighton

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What can I say, I have a thing about phone boxes. There’s MedwayArtBox, an art gallery in a red phone box that I run with my friend Vanessa, there’s a more modern telephone box near Strood Post Office that I turned into a public art installation for the Medway Council’s WELCOME project and last week 50 cyanotype printed jelly fish went into a pair of red phone boxes in Brighton called the Dog & Bone Gallery.

As the saying goes; One is an object. Two is a pair. Three is a collection (and that's where obsession kicks in).

Unlike how my projects usually go everything went worryingly smoothly. I didn’t even loose the will to live half-way through - just another of my very annoying traits. The sun was shining and there was a fresh breeze coming off the sea. I estimated install would take a couple of hours and a couple of hours it took. People who stopped by to see what I was doing were chatty and encouraging. I still can't quite believe how well it all went.

The Dog and Bone Gallery is Brighton’s smallest art gallery. Located in two restored red phone boxes in Powis Square. It’s curated by artist Amber Elise and there’s a new exhibition each month.

February’s (2023) featured artist is Rachel // iPrintedThat (me!) with Blue Jelly, an interactive installation of 50 cyanotype printed jellyfish that rise and fall with the tides. Blue Jelly is showing until Sunday 26 February.

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