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Speedy Seasonal Stamps

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Think Blu Tack is just for sticking posters to walls and keeping ornaments in place? Think again! Use Blu Tack to make quick and easy stamps for printing onto gift tags, greetings cards and wrapping paper.


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You will need:

A simple design for your stamp – this could be a geometric shape, an initial, a stylised leaf, bird or animal. TIP: When creating your stamp, it's essential to design it in a mirror image since the stamped result will be the reverse of the design. This is particularly crucial when dealing with text to ensure legibility when printed.

Re-usable adhesive, such as Blu-Tack

Rolling pin

Craft knife


Ink pad

Greetings cards, gift tags, wrapping paper

STEP 1. Select a piece of Blu Tack, big enough to create your stamp. If it’s a new block then you don’t have to roll it out but if it’s old then mould it in your hands to make it pliable, place it on a smooth flat surface and use a rolling pin to roll out to a thickness approx 2-3mm, creating a smooth and even surface for your stamp.

STEP 2. Create a mirror image of your design onto paper or card. This is crucial for text or any design where orientation matters. This ensures the image appears correctly when printed. Cut out the design to use as a template.

STEP 3. Place the template on your rolled out Blu Tack and use a craft knife to cut it out.

STEP 4. Using the tip of a pencil, draw in any details.

STEP 5. With your stamp facing upwards, keep pressing the ink pad down onto the stamp, ensuring even coverage.

STEP 6. Carefully press the stamp onto your desired surface, applying even pressure all over to ensure a clean print.

STEP 7. Lift your stamp from the paper and you're ready to re-ink and print again.


Experiment with different colours and surfaces to achieve the desired effect. Clean your stamp between uses with a damp cloth to prevent colours from mixing or contaminating future prints.


When you’re bored with your stamp, wash it, make sure it’s throughly dry, roll it into a ball and start all over again.

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