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All that Razzamataz!

I arrived at Razzamataz Stage Academy to the angry faces of French revolutionary soldiers marching and shouting war songs! Luckily I was in no danger as these were the Razzamataz students practising for their main show, Les Miserables.

After all that stomping, the children had a break-out session to design and print colourful t-shirts for their commercial performance of Robbie Williams' "Candy".

My workshops are usually for 8 children and I have enough equipment for 16 so when Razzamataz asked if I could put on a workshop for 21 children aged 4-6 years old I had to put my thinking cap on…

After a few trials we decided on a simple technique that meant the t-shirts would compliment each other but each child could stamp his or her individuality on it.

The children quickly got the hang of it and all got involved deciding on design, colour and then printed their own t-shirt.

I was chuffed to be invited back on the Friday to see all the students act out scenes from Les Miserables and perform their commercial numbers - call me biased but my group of 21 looked the best and sounded incredible!

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