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INTRA Spring

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Whether you’re sitting in No.64 Coffee & Brunch right now, you’ve clicked a link or stumbled across this exhibition via a search engine; welcome to INTRA SPRING

17 - 26 MARCH

Most of my days are spent organising and running workshops so I don’t have much time to develop my own work, so when Sun Pier House asked me to be part of their exhibition programme for INTRA Spring I said "YES!" and was delighted to be paired with No.64 Coffee & Brunch - not just because Sam and Sara are absolutely lovely but because they also serve a mean brownie.


INTRA Spring is a 10 day festival celebrating the season and The Old Intra High Street by filling the local area with art, storytelling, comedy, film screenings, open studios, live music, poetry and workshops. It runs from 17 - 26 March and you can download the full events programme here.


If you're looking for perfect prints then you've come to the wrong place! I enjoy the imperfections of hand printing and the creative journey that can take you down. I encourage you to really look at each print, examining the layers and the beautiful inaccuracies. I’ve used screen printing techniques, gel / Gelli plates and relief linocuts to create the prints - all of which you can learn how to do at a workshop.


To purchase a print please get in touch stating the name and, if applicable, colour of the artwork. Prices shown do not include postage and packaging, if you are not collecting the artwork from No.64 Coffee & Brunch and require a quote please also request this.

Punch Today in the Face

​One-colour framed linocut in black

£28 plus P&P

New Girl

​Framed monotype £38 plus P&P

Be Yourself...

One-colour framed linocut in black £28 plus P&P

Don’t Overthink It

Framed linocut

£28 plus P&P

Feathers Appear #1

Framed monotype

£28 plus P&P

Feathers Appear #2

Framed monotype

£28 plus P&P


​Framed monotype £38 plus P&P


One-colour framed linocut in black

£14 plus P&P

Watts in May - Series of four gel prints

Watts Meadow in May // Pink Watts Meadow in May // Yellow Watts Meadow in May // Green Watts Meadow in May // Blue Framed monotypes £38 per print plus P&P

thank you for coming

I hope you enjoyed it. To see more and follow me on my little adventure you can find me on social media search @iprintedthat on Facebook and Instagram or sign-up here to receive monthly emails.

Take care and hope to see you again soon.


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