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It's team building, Jim, but not as we know it

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Our good friends at Lunar HQ were approached by a PR company in need of an unconventional space to hold their corporate business review followed by team building activities that were a little different from the usual run-of-the-mill-paint-balling. Being the creative bunch that they, Lunar HQ got planning and reached out to its motley crew of collaborators to lay on retro games, cocktail making and screen printing workshops. Cue i printed that.

Once the boring, but essential, data analysis was over and the company had congratulated themselves on yet another fantastic year it was time to set up the print station and get printing.

Note to self; under normal circumstances it can take a while for some people to get their head around making up stencils for screen printing (hell, it still happens to me on occasions) but add a cocktail or three into the mix and the chance of this increases ;)

All this made me realise that screen printing works as a corporate day out and creative team building activity because it:

improves morale by building confidence. That feeling of mastering a process you've never attempted before and being able to proudly say "I printed that!"

encourages problem solving. Because screen printing works on a blocking system you need to work out which parts of the screen to block and which parts to leave open

creates a better understanding of processes and procedures. It's only by following step-by-step instructions that you'll produce that perfect print.

opens up creative barriers. Even people who don't see themselves as naturally creative can achieve a professional looking print.

increases productivity. Everyone's design will be different. Some are more complicated than others. It's about scheduling to make sure there's enough time to create a design, make a stencil and the ultimate goal, to print it. All whilst not getting distracted. No one wants to be last!

And the best bit, because staff members are having so much fun they won't realise that any of the above is even happening.

From discussing the design and working which bits of the stencil to remove and which bits to leave through to printing and the "Big Reveal" to the sound of a hand drum roll followed by cheers and gasps from the team, screen printing is a great team building activity.

If you are a business or organisation based in London or the South East of England and you're interested in holding a screen printing workshop for team building or just for the sheer fun of it then please click here and complete the enquiry form.

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