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Purple gas

I ran two very different screen printing workshops at the Gravesend and Dartford Be Our Buddy Clubs this month.

The Gravesend club came up with some great graphic designs that I knew straight away would lend themselves well to being turned into screen prints. Being a smaller group I could spend more time with each member and help them to perfect their design. Everyone gets to choose their own colours and sometimes I get an unexpected surprise at the choice. The gas mask print was no exception. I had assumed black, so was delighted when purple got picked for the print. And it came out brilliantly as you can see!

There was a lot of energy at the larger Dartford club and it was so great to see those who weren't confident about their designs get really excited when the screens were lifted to reveal their t-shirts. We got the prints dry in time to wear them on the way home which just added to their delight.

And, as it turns out, everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, here's what they had to say:

“Rachel put on two fantastic t-shirt printing workshops for us at our BOB Clubs for 8-18 year olds – she had all of the young people really engaged in what they were doing and her enthusiasm and praise for their designs kept them all focused!

The young people had a large choice of colours to choose from for the screen printing, something which they all found fascinating, and each of the t-shirts turned out excellently!

Rachel was very approachable and friendly to all at club and we would have no hesitations in recommending her to all!

Thank you Rachel!!”

Jane Manwearing Be Our Buddy Clubs VAWK

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