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There's more to New York than the Empire State Building

It turns out there's more to New York than the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty (as awesome as they are) as I discovered on a surprise trip to New York.

So we were all set to spend the week in a caravan in Devon, then something happened. Perhaps we took a wrong turn, maybe the Sat Nav was having an off day but we found ourselves in New York and decided to make the best of the situation!

The highlight was meeting up with a group of screen printers at Chelsea Market's ID Pop Shop who are doing some amazing things with print. We shared ideas and I got to find out about the new products and techniques that our American cousins are using.

I also took the opportunity to leave a couple of cheeky Free Art Friday prints at Grand Central Station and on top of The Rockefeller Center. I love finding out where they end up and was so happy to be tweeted by one of the lucky finders.

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