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When screen prints and watercolours meet

You may remember way back when I discovered some hidden artwork in an attic during Medway Open Studios ​and reconnected with my past and my favourite art teacher, Jackie Trinder. Jackie now specialises in painting with watercolours, teaching from her studio in Rochester and exhibiting throughout Kent. You can visit her website here.

Since then we've been playing a game of chicken, threatening to swap skills and teach each other our preferred mode of art. Finally, this summer we put a date in the diary and got around to doing it.

Jackie may have mentioned a few times to me that she was slightly scared of the prospect of spending a morning out of her comfort zone screen printing. So I devised a plan to incorporate some watercolour techniques that she'd be familiar with. Using fabric paint she prepared the background with a free form design then onto setting up the screen, but even that was no problem as it uses familiar brush strokes to apply the drawing fluid.

Once she'd finished the process of applying screen filler, drying, rinsing and drying the screen again we were ready to print. I think it's safe to say that Jackie LOVED it and wants to do lots more. She particularly liked the fact that you can easily repeat the image onto a variety of backgrounds to create different effects. Here are photos from the morning's screen printing workshop:

Gold star and straight to Top of the Class Jackie!

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