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Proud Auntie alert!

A huge round of applause please for my niece, Kyra Anderson, who's been chosen as Nucleus' artist of the month at their Rochester Gallery in Kent.

If you've been following me on social media over the past few years then you may recognise Kyra as she's always a willing (victim) volunteer when I need an extra pair of hands at workshops and events. Kyra brings the calm to my chaos. She takes everything in her stride, is a truly lovely lady and an extremely talented artist too. (Don't some people just make you sick?!)

Kyra's work is currently on display at Cafe Nucleus, 75 High Street, Rochester and you can also visit her online shops and web pages and follow her on Instagram. Her work is varied and includes original framed sketches, printed cushions, mugs, iphone cases and greetings cards. Here's a taster but I'd recommend a trip to Rochester to see it for real.

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